Gujranwala District

Population (000 Numbers) 4,479
  Area (Square Kilometres) 3,622  
Population Density (per sq. km.) 1,237
  Tehsils / Towns Khiali Shahpur Town, Qila Dedar Singh Town, Aroop Town, Nandi Pur Town, Wazirabad Town, Kamoke Town and Nowshera Virkan Town, Contonment.  
  Main Crops Wheat, Rice and Sugarcane  
  Main Fruits Guava and Citrus.  
  Main Vegetables Potato, Cauliflower, Peas, Turnip, Onion, Tomato, Carrot, Brinjal, Ladyfinger, Bottle Gourd and Garlic.  
  Forest Resources (Area in Acres) 4,369  
  Mineral Resources (000 Numbers) Nil  
  Total Metal Roads (Km) 2,297.11  
  No. of Grid Stations 15  
  No. of Telephone : 72 Exchanges 72  
  Number of Industrial Units (Large Medium (000 Numbers) 3,110  
  Type of Industrial Units (000 Numbers) A.C/ Refrigerator/ Deep Freezers, Auto Parts, Baby Diapers, Ceramics Products,Chip/Straw Board, Cutlery, Drugs & Pharmaceutical, Electric Meters, Electric Transformers, Fans/ Coolers, Flour Mills, Foam Manufacturing, Gas Appliances, Hosiery Products, Industrial Machinery, Machine Tools, Melamine Utensils, Motor Cycle / Rickshaw, Motors /Pumps, Paper & Paper Board, Pottery, Rice Mills, Sanitary Fitting, Tannery, Textile Processing, Textile Spinning, Utensils (All Sorts), Vegetable Ghee / Cooking Oil, Washing Machine, Weight and Scales, Wire & Cable and Woollen Textile Spinning /Weaving